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Sean Bean does not simply make a 6-second video.

Sat, 16th August  8830
you sir win the internet;

blocking people left n right in the zankie tag

Fri, 15th August  2
sry love pisses off u busta fooligans;

all i wanna do is gush about zankie

Fri, 15th August  3
blind as a bat with no dick; but i have no friends into them;


your soul - zach & frankie

holy shit this is beautiful and amazing

Fri, 15th August  143
Frankie: When there are no cameras around, I know how you feel.
Zach: Bro, but look at how many ants are on this fucking trash can.
Thu, 14th August  226
zankie; frankie grande; zach rance; blind as a bat with no dick;
Thu, 14th August  642
blind as a bat with no dick; these two are too cute for words;

i’m so attracted to frank grillo it is next level disgusting

who gave u the right???

Sun, 10th August  3

i miss cute zankie moments

Sun, 10th August  7
zankie; le sigh;

i could stop watching big brother on nicole’s voice alone

Sun, 10th August
big brother;


don’t judge a person by their looks, judge them by their opinion on peeta mellark

Sun, 10th August  16476
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