on this tumblr you will see my love for absolute random fandoms and my attempt at making edits. if you like game of thrones, lord of the rings, the hunger games, harry potter, grey's anatomy, wrestling among many other things, then we will get along just famously.

Modern AU where Sandor is in his last year of school and is selling his textbooks online in order to make some extra cash. Sansa would rather spend her money elsewhere and goes looking for a bargain, finds Sandor’s listing and contacts him via text. They decide to meet at the library for an exchange and Sandor is busy writing in a corner when Sansa approaches him. She rambles on about traffic, bad drivers, her phone battery almost dying and when he looks up the words fall mute on her tongue. He is just as stunned, though his expression is uninviting by default. She shuffles over the money and he hands her the books then she makes a speedy exit, but not without taking one quick glance back at the man with the burnt face. 

sansan; sansa x sandor; hellion tries to make edits; and sansa still has his phone number; and he still has hers; and he spends nights staring at her number like; she just wanted yo books son; she didn't want yo biceps; but then one day he works up the courage; asks her if the books are helping; she's having a particularly rough night; decides to cautiously text him back; and they end up chatting until like 5am; and then this happens forever; until they hang out date and fall in love; there's some disgusting fluff for you; byeeeeeeee;
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    Louis Garrel as Sandor???? i would totally watch this!
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